Brand New EP Release by Cloudz


So proud to announce that our homie Spaceship Earth has just dropped his brand new EP under his more meditative project called Cloudz on Merkaba Music ! ! ! Listen for FREE on Bandcamp, download the full album for $4.44


BRAND NEW RELEASE TODAY!!! Spaceship Earth – Interdimensional Passport Remixed

visit Spaceship Earth’s website here:

BREAKING NEWS: Army Corps Grants Easement For DAPL #NoDAPL!!!

Merkabah Study Group (Taking A Hiatus)


As excited as we are to help spread the love of the Merkabah Light Body activation, we are going to temporary put a pause on these wonderful online study groups

The reason for this is to come back MORE powerful than ever before. Equipt with a much better open-format to the structure to how thing will run. It takes a good deal of energy to put the word out on our mailing list,,, create a facebook event page and spread the message all over facebook. If we do that much work we want to be providing the most top notch quality study group for you high vibe humans!

In our hiatus, we’d like to work on the following:

create a seamless way to broadcast to our Google Hangouts video for playing movies, documentaries, and short vids together

provide multiple Merkabah activation recorded tracks

Creating these things for our Merkabah Study Group can help make this a much more interactive and engaging experience for everyone. This would justify further going out and promoting the Study Group all over the place. If we are going to have this study group we want to engage an audience through fully interactive online discussions.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far. We look forward to studying with more of you guys in the coming future! If you guys have any suggestions how our online study groups could be improved, please send some feedback.

Love & Light!!! Aho!!!

Merkabah Study Group Cancelled 1/16/17

Greetings Merkabah Mystics and seeker folks alike!

We are moving our Merkabah Study Groups to a bi-weekly format. Never joined one? We hold interactive online video chats (via Google Hangouts) to practice and study the nature of the Merkabah Light Body. We will be planning to resume our study group next week, Monday, January 23rd at our regular 8 pm EST broadcast. Links to the broadcast will be made available by 7:30 pm EST our groups Hompage of

We plan to lead into next week’s study group with a 15 minute Merkabah Light Body Activation track under electronic Psychedelic Bass music to amplify our experience together. 

Looking forward to the study group next week! Have a fantabulous week Shifters!


P.S. Here is our last week’s Merkaba Study Group session:

“New Logo for 3rd Eye Horizon and all of Humankind!” ✊

Created to represent 3rd Eye Horizon’s essence of standing for social and higher consciousness…. we give this icon to all for open-source use. May it serve to assist moving forward in the movement to raise human consciousness. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!