Uplifting Earth’s “I AM” Album Review

“I AM that I AM” . . . a famous divine affirmation of Self . . . Uplifting Earth‘s FIRST full EP album, “I AM,” release by 3rd Eye Horizon Music is a 5 track series with wonderfully dynamic flavors of dub, trap, and other various forms of bass music! Each song packs the ability to shift one’s frequency to a higher, more conscious state of being. It could be so boldly said that his new album could possibly set a brand new precedence for conscious music in the electronic dance music scene!

Listen to Uplifting Earth’s new album below and download it to support the ongoing conscious revolution:

The album has been nominated for best album of 2017 the year by Project Bring Me 2 Life’s annual award ceremony, The Crystal Chalice Awards.  The track named the same as the album, “I AM,” is also being nominated by the CCA for best song of 2017!


Article was written by, Nicholas Bryce of 3rd Eye Horizon Music

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